Well satisfied clients with happy puppies.

We would like to describe our experience with Shih Tzu as well worth it! At Larry’s initial checkout, our Veterinarian was impressed by his overall care and condition. We truly love our puppy and our experience with Active Shih Tzu Puppies has been amazing! I’ll refrain from mentioning that we actually want another one! LOL!.

Keisha and Raymond

New York

Excellent constant communication (phone or email) with me when I had simple or complex questions/requests
Overall had an awesome experience with Active Shih Tzu Puppies Breeders; they gave me checklists and resources galore to make sure I was fully prepared for my pup!


San Antonio

This is the most fabulous organization.
Active Shih Tzu Puppies stayed with me through the entire process and they have an amazing follow-up as well. Even the local vet commented on how he had never seen such complete and neat documents from a breeder. Everyone I spoke with at Active Shih Tzu Puppies was so helpful and kind. If I had a question, they’d get the answer as fast as they could. They never missed a beat.



What an incredible experience, “AWESOME”
This was the best experience we ever had. Very thorough, they care so much about the animals, just incredible.
The communication with this company was unheard of. Made sure we knew what to expect, how to expect it, just an awesome experience



All my questions were immediately and correctly answered. The level of professionalism exceeded my expectations! Our puppy was a little tired from his plane trip but he snapped out of it very quickly when he saw his new Mommy & Daddy! His appetite was a little slow to get “kick started” but that was to be expected and he has “filled in” very nicely. E-mail communication was quick and precise. Instructions were very clear and quite helpful. Our new family member was clean; secure and well rested upon arrival at Charleston International Airport and all paperwork was in order. Nothing was missing and picking “Duke” up was a snap!



I love this little guy more than anything! We want to thank you so very much for everything that you guys have done for us. From finding your website to staying in contact with us, answering any questions that we’ve had and preparing us for the day to come. Also by allowing us to go to your home and pick up our new baby boy has been the most wonderful experience that we’ve ever had. He is an amazing puppy and has exceeded our expectations. Thank you for filling our home with so much love and joy! Much love and respect,



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